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A&R Consulting Services

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A&R Consulting Services

All Genres Welcome

This is a monthly service that is customized specifically you and your music.

We will evaluate your bio, graphics, artwork, music, and performances, then advise on what needs to be changed. We will evaluate your social media, to make sure everything is well put together and compliments each other, so when we send music professionals to view your work, they will find a well organized and uniform page.

We will help you develop your current music, find more great music production for you to record, help find collaborators, then shop the finished product to our label contacts for deals, publishing, and label consideration. We have relationships with many different types of music professionals, so your music will definitely be heard, considered, and possibly signed.

We will also deliver your finished product to our media contacts for music licensing and placement consideration. The process typically takes about 30 days, and the success  of the pitch depends upon the quality of the music production, vocal performance, and overall recording.

We work with companies that place thousands of tracks annually, so this may be the best investment you ever made.

We offer a one on one consulting services. Hiring us to work with you and your artist is a great way to get them to the next level.

1. We will promote you across our website, and our social media network.

2. We will help you create multiple streams of income.

3. We will help find producers, artists, and musicians for you to collaborate with, if needed.

4. We will pitch your music for music licensing, for record label deals, and for radio airplay.

5. We will help you pick the best songs to lead with. We will tell you which songs need to be fixed, if any, and provide you with true honest constructive feedback.

Our consulting services start at $250 per month.

Please only send professional recordings, no covers, no demos, or rough mixes. The songs must be all original, and 100% broadcast/retail ready!

$299.99 Order now $250.00